Nubaria Software provides solutions in the six main areas listed below.

1. Web application development

Websites have become much more complex than they used to be, and it is now possible to have fully-fledged applications that are as functional as traditional desktop-based programs. This revolution in functionality has been possible thanks to the growing broadband speeds available and the enhancement and increasing browser support for web standards. The ongoing standardisation effort has succeeded in boosting traditional web technologies like the HTML and CSS specifications and the JavaScript and PHP scripting languages to the point where web-based applications can be as feature-rich as their desktop-based counterparts, with the advantage that they can be used from a variety of devices and operating systems.

We provide website design, development and maintenance services using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL, both to build new websites from scratch and to enhance existing websites with additional functionality. We can also provide consultancy services on how to port a desktop application to the web.

2. Mobile platform development

Nubaria Software also develops applications for smartphones and tablets. Such applications take full advantage of the multitouch capabilities of these devices, and right now can offer a richer user experience than a web application. We specialise in the iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod) and Android platforms.

As in the case of web applications, we are open to both full projects and simply helping to port existing applications to these newer platforms.

3. Cross-platform desktop application development

We have a strong background in the C and C++ programming languages, and in GUI (graphic user interface) programming, and offer consultancy and custom development services in porting applications between different operating systems. This can include, for example, porting a Windows application to Linux and Mac OS X, and also porting a desktop application to the web or to a mobile platform.

4. Software internationalisation

We live in a global world, and applications must be able to support display and input in any languages. A good software product should never fail to display or process some text just because it is in an East Asian language or includes right-to-left Arabic or Hebrew text. We have ample experience with text processing in Spanish, Chinese and Arabic, and can provide consultancy and custom development services in the field of internationalisation and full Unicode support.

5. E-commerce solutions

People are no longer afraid of buying things online, and the volume in global online retail keeps on growing every year. With our e-commerce package we can help you build an online store, either from scratch or as an addition to an existing web site.

6. Web 2.0 solutions

Long gone are the days when an online presence for a business was simply a website that would be updated once or twice in a year. These days, reaching a wide online audience requires an active presence in the leading social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Blogging is also an important tool to keep people informed about what a company is up to. We provide consultancy and custom development services for those, both companies and individuals, who wish to have a robust online profile.

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