Welcome to the Retibus.com blog! I launched this website in November 2010 as a personal project that helps me to advertise my services as a software developer and consultant. As I enjoy writing and sharing ideas, I thought I might as well write a blog about programming and technology issues. My interests cover a rather eclectic range, from the C and C++ languages which have kept me occupied for most of my professional life to web technologies like JavaScript, PHP and HTML 5, which are my main areas of work right now.

If you’re interested in the contents of this blog, you can follow Retibus Software on Twitter and Facebook, where I regularly post news about programming and notify whenever there is a new post. If you have any comments or suggestions on the contents of this blog, feel free to use the comments section or write to me at info@retibus.com.

EDIT: In 2011 I decided to change the commercial name I use from ‘Retibus’ to ‘Nubaria’. I’ve updated the Twitter and Facebook links above.

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