Embedding WordPress into an existing website

WordPress is the content management system that is used as the underlying software platform for a lot of blogs, including this one. When I decided to start the Retibus Blog, I briefly considered rolling out my own PHP-based solution in order to add a blog section to the website. I quickly dismissed that idea, though. It would have been a lot of work to get most of the features that people expect from blogs, like enabling readers to register as users, add comments, make permalinks available for the individual posts and so on. I then decided that it would be much more convenient not to re-invent the wheel and leave all the dirty work in the hands of WordPress. That was a wise decision. The WordPress software is very powerful and elegant, and makes it very easy to administer a blog. However, while it is quite easy to download the latest version, install it and set up a website wholly powered by WordPress, things are not that simple if you want to integrate a WordPress blog within an existing website, keeping a uniform look and feel across the blog and non-blog parts of the site. In this post I’m going to explain a technique to seamlessly integrate a blog powered by WordPress into an existing website.

A WordPress default installation integrated within a custom website

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What’s in a name?

Last year, when I started toying with the idea of trying to work as a software developer on a freelance basis and maybe even setting up my own company, one of the first questions that came to my mind was ‘what name should I give my company?’ Even though I could just plod along using my own name, it makes sense to have a commercial name and a website URL based on the commercial name, especially since I intend to collaborate with more people later on and maybe, if things turn out right, start hiring a few people. After careful consideration of various possibilities, I finally decided to use the names ‘Retibus’ and ‘Nubaria’ and register the retibus.com and nubaria.com domains. In this post I will explain how I came up with these names and some of the alternatives that I considered. I hope some of the ideas here can be useful to those who are going through the process of finding a commercial name, a very hard task indeed.

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Welcome to the Retibus.com blog! I launched this website in November 2010 as a personal project that helps me to advertise my services as a software developer and consultant. As I enjoy writing and sharing ideas, I thought I might as well write a blog about programming and technology issues. My interests cover a rather eclectic range, from the C and C++ languages which have kept me occupied for most of my professional life to web technologies like JavaScript, PHP and HTML 5, which are my main areas of work right now.

If you’re interested in the contents of this blog, you can follow Retibus Software on Twitter and Facebook, where I regularly post news about programming and notify whenever there is a new post. If you have any comments or suggestions on the contents of this blog, feel free to use the comments section or write to me at info@retibus.com.

EDIT: In 2011 I decided to change the commercial name I use from ‘Retibus’ to ‘Nubaria’. I’ve updated the Twitter and Facebook links above.

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